Saturday, 21 February 2009

There is power in the union

Union protest outside Lewisham Town Hall in 2006. © Magnus Andersson

Quoting Billy Bragg in a blog header can only mean one thing: strike. I voice my support for the striking colleagues across the UK, and I would like to highlight the situation for The Yorkshire Post in Leeds; I commend The Shakeouts for writing a song which can be heard in this brilliant video from the strike.

Its easy to think that in an economic downturn we all have to fight individually to keep our jobs, but in fact the opposite is true. These owners took out high salaries, enormous profits and big bonuses from our livelihoods, whilst denying us even a pay rise in line with inflation. Year on year our salaries have actually gone down compared to inflation while these few took the fruit of our labour. Now some of us are being told we can't be afforded anymore. How convenient.

If you haven't joined your union yet, the time is now. United we stand, divided we fall.

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