Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The making of an exhibition (updated)

Rob adjusts the spotlights in the space in which six photographers will share a space.

But it starts much earlier, long before this pig nose in the snow...

This is me, trying to hacksaw a metal bar, before the security guard with the hungry German Shepherd dog escorted me off the site. I came back though, and collected/liberated the curtains and the other stuff, because this was essential to the exhibition.

The pub in Camberwell in which we exhibited.

Trying hard to make the first attempt of 6 photog's to fit into the same space.

Cutting a long story short...we got it done!

...the exhibit fits!

Time for the publicity photo and how good is this: bona fide rock'nroll star Dan holds my camera!

UPDATE: here's the pic that ran in the paper, which Dan took. Well done, mate! © Dan Frost

Rob, finalising his stuff TWO minutes before opening...

Opening night...

More opening night, its a f**king success!

Closing night, the gang: six photogs minus one...Ben went AWOL: (L-R) Hannah, Tom, John, me and Rob. © Rebecca Honeywell-Ward

Taking it down.

Theo, our biggest fan, showing his support on the closing night.

All images in this post © Magnus Andersson excepept where indicated.


Mattias Johansson said...

Grattis till succén!
Ser sjukt kul ut. Jag hade också velat se, tur att du har din blogg.
Ha det gott!

Magster said...

att ha utstallning kan varmt rekommenderas!

ha de bra!