Monday, 2 February 2009


Taj, Leonie and Luke playing in the snow in Burgess Park. © Magnus Andersson

Being from Sweden, I don't mind the snow at all, in fact I love it when it arrives in London. Overnight we have had the heaviest snow fall for eighteen years. Brilliant! What surprises me though is how unprepared this city is. We've known about this snow arriving for several days, yet there were no gritters out last night, no-one salting the roads, no snow ploughs out this morning. I mean, isn't this what the council is supposed to? As a result, today, there are no buses at all running in London, severe disruption on roads and rail networks, and people are being advised to travel only if absolutely necessary. All this for 15cm of snow!

Maddie playing with her dog Misty in Burgess Park this morning. © Magnus Andersson

Anyway, I braved the road conditions and set off to Burgess Park, perilously avoiding the stranded lorries and the skidding pedestrians, and now I'm sat at home again, having done my filing and being advised that going in to work isn't really an option at the moment - it would involve going up and then down a few hills - too risky. Snow, brilliant snow!

The message that all kids want to see! © Magnus Andersson

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